Trafficweb enables cities, municipalities and other organisations working with traffic data to collect and analyze all their data in one system. The system is web based, supports most equipments on the market and is both interactive and intuitive, which gives traffic engineers and decision makers completely new opportunities to understand their traffic and created actionable reports.


More and more municipalities switch to Trafficweb. Forget one system per equipment and complicated interfaces.


See what's going on with the traffic in your city in real-time and create reports to illustrate a trend.


Optimized for large data sets and with well established APIs. Trafficweb is the natural central hub for traffic data.

Private sector

Sharing enables corporations to analyze already collected traffic data from cities and municipalities.

Understanding and reports

To create a deep understanding for the traffic situation, a combination of measurements are often required. With Trafficweb, all data can be collected in one system which enables an overview of the traffic situation. With interactive reports that the user can easily customize, creating professional reports is done with a few clicks.

Intelligent transport systems

Trafficweb is designed to be a central hub for all you traffic data. With support for most equipments and easy-to-use APIs, you can monitor traffic in real-time and connect management systems. Whether you're using GIS tools for planning or variable message signs to direct traffic, Trafficweb is the ideal hub for your data.