Traffic data

The term traffic data, or road traffic data, means information about passages on a road section. The data usually contains information about the number of vehicles, speeds and vehicle types during a certain period and is collected using sensors in or by the road. Collection and analysis of traffic data is a must for virtually all municipalities, cities and national traffic authorities in the world.

Traffic reports

The traffic report is a key tool in the work with traffic data. Based on collected data, a report is created that describes either the general traffic situation or focusing on a certain aspect of the traffic, e.g. speeds. The traffic report is used for decision-making, during planning of changes and for follow-up of changes already implemented.

Real-time data and ITS

ITS, or intelligent transport systems, is an area with a focus on smarter and more efficient use of the transport network. By controlling traffic and providing better information to road users, trips can be made both shorter and safer. A basic building block in ITS is the availability of real-time data to create information for road users and make decisions.

Common terms in traffic data

Traffic measurement
Collection of traffic data using sensors or manual methods.
Traffic report
A report, based on collected traffic data, which describes the general traffic situation for a certain number of places.
Annual average daily traffic. Calculated value that describes the average traffic at a certain point during the year.
A percentile is the value of a variable below which a certain percentage of the observations fall.
Real-time data
Data that is streamed directly from the measuring equipment to a system, often within a few seconds of a passage.
Intelligent transport systems, a collective term for systems that apply data and communication technology to traffic solutions.
Inductive loop
Copper wire milled into the road for detecting vehicles using magnetism.
Sensor used to measure traffic using magnetic fields.
Technology for measuring traffic using electromagnetic pulses.
Pneumatic tubes
Equipment for measuring traffic using rubber tubes on the road.