Getting started with Trafficweb

Getting started with Trafficweb is easy. Our experts will help you transfer existing databases and offer training via video-chat or at your office. Trafficweb is built for both large and small organisations with a dynamic pricing model.

Get a Trafficweb account. Use the for below to request a quote or a free demo if you're not already familiar with Trafficweb.
We will help you with importing data from the systems you currently use and connect any direct streasming devices to your account.
Traffic analysis
You can start working in Trafficweb. Read the quick-start guide of schedule a free educational seminar with one of our experts.

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The price a customer pays for Trafficweb depends what functionality is required. When a quotation is requested, we will asses your needs and suggest an appropriate subscription level. This level will set the price.
Trafficweb has support for most of commonly used equipments on the market. We continously add support for more equipments as more customers sign on.
Trafficweb often becomes a central part of our users traffic data solutions. With all data gathered in one system and intuitive API:s, it also becomes a natural hub for other systems in need of traffic data. Often our customers connect both GIS and ITS systems to Trafficweb.